Ascora Privacy Policy


The primary purpose of this policy is to detail how Ascora collects, uses, discloses and stores your Person Information as well as other information associated with you and your use of our Products and Services.

By utilising Ascora Products and/or Services, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions.


What Personal Information We Collect

We will only collect Personal Information necessary in the delivery of Ascora services to you and your business. This can include when you create an Ascora account, request a demonstration, request product support or training. The Personal information collected can include your name, company name, business address, email address and credit card details (credit card details are stored by our credit card gateway and not Ascora directly). We also collect data relating to how you interact with Ascora, such as device type, operating system and regional settings. In order to assist with the provision of support to you we also audit log data from your account.


Special Categories of Data

Ascora does not collect any special categories for data, such as personal information relating to race, ethnicity, political affiliations, religious beliefs or health-related data.


How do we use your Personal Information?

The primary purpose for which we collect your Personal Information is to provide you with our Products and Services or assist you with determining if Ascora is a good fit for you and your business. The collected personal information also helps us to continue to evolve and improve our Products and services. We may also use your personal information or access your account to help with troubleshooting and providing support to ensure your business runs smoothly on the Ascora platform.


Cookies and Other Technologies

The Ascora website, like all modern websites, makes use of cookies and other tracking technologies, such as a pixels, to help us better understand how you interact with our website and which pages have been visited. Any tracking information is generally used at an aggregated high-level view to help us understand the traffic flow through our website. Aggregated data is considered as non-personal information under this Privacy Policy.


Disclosure to Third Parties

Ascora is committed to the confidentiality of your information and account data. We do not sell any personal data that is collected. Ascora may disclose your information for the purposes of providing you with the related Products or Services or for improving our Products and Services. This can include Ascora Partners or third parties such as credit card gateways or accounting systems to facilitate the provision of these third-party services. Other instances where we may be required to disclose your Personal Information include when requested by law or a legal process. Personal Data may also be disclosed if that disclosure is necessary to enforce the Ascora Terms and Conditions or protect our users or operations.


Protection of Personal Data

Ascora takes physical, technical and administrative precautions to protect your Personal Data against loss, theft or unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration.


Password Security

It is your responsibility to protect the security of your Ascora account details including username and password. Ascora staff and Ascora Partners do not have access to your password and will never ask for your password.


Location-Based Services

In the provision of Ascora Services we will collect location-based information, such as the precise location of your iOS or Android device. Location data in these mobile applications is used to provide with automated completion of timesheets for you and your staff and to track the location of staff to provide an optimal job scheduling process. Location data is only used for the purposes of providing a higher level of automation or support for you and your business. You may opt out of the collection of location data in the permissions or privacy settings under iOS or Android. If you opt-out of Location-based data, Ascora will be unable to provide optimal schedule planning or automatic completion of timesheets and check in details.


Third-Party Sites and Services

Ascora may contain links to other third-party websites and services. Personal Information collected by third parties is covered under their privacy policy.



Ascora may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as needed or to ensure compliance with applicable Privacy regulations.