Panda PAMM/MAM System

The choice of money managers

  • Multiple allocation types
  • Easy management of multiple accounts
  • Signal provision service
Panda PAMM/MAM System
Panda PAMM/MAM System

Attract more clients, get more income

This system features a web management interface allowing money managers to control allocation types and manage trading activities of sub-accounts effectively. It supports various allocation methods, including percentage, P&L, and signals allocation, ensuring trades are mirrored accurately on sub-accounts.

Efficient Account Management

Allows management of a large number of accounts with ease.

Efficient Account Management

Web Management Interface

Provides a user-friendly platform for managing allocations and trading activities.

Simple Setup

Requires only a plugin installation, without the need for complex setups or special read-only groups.

Simple Setup

Versatile Allocation Methods

Supports percentage, P&L, and signals allocation for diverse trading strategies.

Versatile Allocation Methods

Synchronized Trading

Ensures live synchronization of trades across all trading platforms.

No Master Limit

Unlimited addition of masters to the PAMM/MAM system.


Efficient Multi-Account Management

The system enables professionals to manage a large number of accounts with ease, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability.

High-Quality Configuration Tool

Offers a sophisticated tool that seamlessly integrates with trading servers, ensuring smooth operation without disrupting normal server activity.

Attracts Passive Investors

By accommodating passive investment strategies, the system helps brokers expand their client base and increase investment volumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the PAMM/MAM trades synchronised across the trading platforms?

Yes, trades are synchronised live across all of the trading platforms.

Do your allocation methods mirror the trades of the master on their sub-account?

When a master opens a trade using the percentage allocation on Equity or fixed allocation, that trade is reflected on the sub-accounts.

Do I need to install a plugin on my trading servers to run your PAMM/MAM system?

Yes, the PAMM/MAM system includes a plugin to be added to your trading servers and a straightforward web interface to manage allocation.

Do I need to setup special read-only groups for the sub trading accounts?

Compared to systems which impose restrictions and complex setups, our PAMM/MAM system doesn’t require special read-only groups or configurations by default.

Is there a maximum number of masters which can be added to the PAMM/MAM?

No, we don’t restrict the number of masters which can be added to the PAMM/MAM system.

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Explore our range of tailored solutions designed to cater to diverse brokerage needs. From startups to established brokers with specific requirements, our packages offer the flexibility and comprehensive features needed to excel in the Forex market.



Customised solution for new brokerages taking their first steps in the Forex market.

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Cost-effective and time-saving solution for FX/CFD brokers with their own server.

Panda Combo

Panda Combo

Tailored for seasoned brokers seeking bespoke solutions aligned with their unique requirements.