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We protecting your data with advanced security measures

Data Security and Protection
Data Security and Protection

Top Priority: At Panda, data security and protection are paramount. We implement stringent measures to ensure your data is safe and secure.

Multiple Layers of Protection
Multiple Layers of Protection

Comprehensive Security: Our CRM system is fortified with multiple layers of protection, ensuring robust defense against potential threats.

Ensuring Safety and Integrity
Ensuring Safety and Integrity

Safeguarding Your Data: We prioritize the safety and integrity of your data, ensuring that it remains protected and untampered with.

Users personal data

We place supreme importance on the security of users' data, particularly phone numbers, and have implemented strict measures to protect it.

Encrypted phone

All phone numbers are encrypted

Secure Encryption: All phone numbers are encrypted using asymmetric RSA encryption, ensuring they remain secure and inaccessible.

Permission based actions

Agents must obtain explicit permission before accessing user’s personal data, with each action being recorded for accountability purposes.

Permission actions
Panda vault system

The Panda vault system - ensuring data security

Enhanced Security Measures: We have developed the Panda Vault system to decrypt phone numbers hosted on dedicated stand-alone servers per customer (brand) to ensure the highest security standards.

Audit logs for transparent access

Logged Actions: Each action related to phone numbers is logged in the audit logs, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Audit logs

IP-Based Allowlist

We enforce a stringent IP-based allow-list within our CRM, allowing access only to authorized IPs while restricting unauthorized IPs from reaching the login page.

Role and Profile-Based Access

Strict Control
Strict Control

Access to data within the CRM is strictly role and profile-based, ensuring that agents can only access information and data fields pertinent to their role within the organization.

Customizable Options
Customizable Options

We provide customizable options to conceal or reveal specific fields based on roles, and editing permissions are also role-based per field.

Commitment to Security

Panda is committed to delivering the highest security and protection for our client's data.

We continuously strive to maintain our client's trust and confidence by upholding the most stringent security standards and protocols.

Commitment to Security

Audit Logs

Our CRM system maintains detailed audit logs to track data and agents' actions, ensuring transparency and accountability. This proactive approach enables us to detect and address any unauthorized access or suspicious activities swiftly.

Hosting Environment


Hosting & Environment

Reputable Servers: Our systems are hosted on reputable and secure GCP and AWS servers, ensuring reliability and security.

Advanced Protection

Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise Solution: Furthermore, we have implemented Google's advanced reCAPTCHA Enterprise solution, which integrates Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) components. This safeguards our website from fraudulent activities such as scraping, credential stuffing, and automated account creation


Security Measures

Web Application Firewall: We have integrated ReBlaze, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and anti-DDoS protection to fortify our defenses against online threats


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