Intuitive easy-to-use platform for novice traders

  • Gentle CFD trading learning curve for beginners
  • Easy switching from simple to full trading experience
  • Convert, retain, and educate your new sign-ups
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Trading Made Simple, Success Made Attainable.

It's a proprietary simplified FX/CFD trading platform created to help new traders quickly get to grips with CFD trading by simplifying order entry and management. Enhance your brokerage services, offering an intuitive and accessible platform for clients exploring trading for the first time.

Quick Onboarding/Adoption

Designed to rapidly engage new users, this feature facilitates their initial trades, thereby enhancing conversion rates.

Quick Onboarding/Adoption

Transparent Gains

Features a payout multiplier as an automatic take-profit level, offering clarity on potential profits.

Advanced Charting

Offers a customizable and comprehensive charting experience, suitable for traders at all levels.

Advanced Charting

Engaging Interface

Combines professional charting with a user-friendly approach to keep traders engaged and active.

Engaging Interface

Educational Transition

Smoothly transitions users from SimpleX to comprehensive CFD trading for enhanced control.

Streamlined Trading

Simplifies CFD trading with a focus on easy order entry and a professional interface.


Attracts New Traders

Ideal for beginners, making it easier to start trading and understand the world of trading.

Boosts Trading Activity

This solution has proven to be a significant volume booster, highly favored by clients.

Mobile Accessibility

Available on Android, iOS, and mobile browsers, enhancing accessibility for users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open both a simplex and a normal trading account for my clients in one go?

Yes, of course. Your clients can simply switch between Simplex and the Webtrader with a simple click or with a tap on their mobile device.

Does it support custom symbols?

From standard assets to hybrid symbols, Simplex supports them all.

How is this trading platform different from your Webtrader?

Whilst the Webtrader caters to your savvy traders, Simplex was designed for people looking to start trading without getting lost in investment terms. On a simplified trading interface, a new investor can easily open a trade and implement risk management strategies (like setting a Stop Loss) with a click.

Is Simplex available on mobile?

Whether your clients prefer Android, iOS or a mobile browser, they can access their Simplex account at their convenience.

What type of servers can I integrate with Simplex?

Whilst SimpleX was built to run on Panda Trading Servers, we also integrated it with a range of external servers. To discover the specific server types compatible with SimpleX, feel free to reach out for detailed information.

Choose a Package

Explore our range of tailored solutions designed to cater to diverse brokerage needs. From startups to established brokers with specific requirements, our packages offer the flexibility and comprehensive features needed to excel in the Forex market.



Customised solution for new brokerages taking their first steps in the Forex market.

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Cost-effective and time-saving solution for FX/CFD brokers with their own server.

Panda Combo

Panda Combo

Tailored for seasoned brokers seeking bespoke solutions aligned with their unique requirements.