Panda Combo Pick & Choose

Customized solutions for specific needs

Panda Combo

Tailored for brokers who have precise requirements, this option allows you to select specific products and services that align with your unique business needs.

Bundle package

Web Mobile Kit
  • Native Mobile App (iOS&Android)
  • Mobile Web App
  • WebTrader
  • Dealing API / GRPC Plugin
Full Spectrum Server Kit
  • Panda Trader
  • Panda Web & Mobile
  • SimpleX Trading Platform
Trader's Choice Duo
  • Panda Trader
  • SimpleX Trading Platform
Trader's Choice Trio
Pick 2 Plugins, Get 1 As A Bonus

Why choose Panda Combo?

Customizable and Scalable

Tailored for Efficiency

Enhanced Operational Agility

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Customised solution for new brokerages taking their first steps in the Forex market.

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Broker-in-A-Box Lite

Cost-effective and time-saving solution for FX/CFD brokers with their own server.